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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

To all WordPressers, Facebookers, friends, readers, followers and RBM&S members who celebrate Christmas and to everyone who eagerly anticipates the New Year. “May all of you live a long and happy life with those you treasure most, filled with goodwill … Continue reading

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RISK? What are you?

I have always wanted to write about risk-based management principles in a poetic form. The uncanny characteristic of a poem to send the intended message with amazing clarity catches our senses so that we suddenly become more receptive. We listen more and even unconsciously let down our guard. Our biases disappear to consider the intended message.

People have to manage daily the risk of sin, e.g. of temptation, of jealousy, gluttony, revenge, and greed. One needs to control his vice, his expenses, his career, and many others.

It is in front of all of us and in the very fabric of our daily life. Risk management is the only thing we do for a living.

Today, I am happy to share with you an original 18-stanza rhyme poem of (8-6-8-6 metric) I have been working on in the past three days mostly while standing on the Calgary train, going to work.

This intriguing concept drives the reason why we go to work every day. We all have one main, central purpose yet we all go about it almost unconsciously. We are still employed by companies we worked in to manage risk. Continue reading

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