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Risk-based Management: Data Maturity, Quality and Integration

Chapter 9-Project Integration of my recently published book Risk-management in the World of Threats and Opportunities: A Project Controls Perspective discusses the challenges that many Project Managers are facing. One item that throws many to fits is project integration. It is a project requirement with varying level of complexities. Some have successfully toe the line but many just fail.

Integration happens throughout the project lifecycle using continuous collaboration. It becomes a big challenge to project professionals who do not have enough experience but especially true to managers handling large projects with multiple areas or multiple project portfolios.

Most concerning is when Project Leaders and Managers exhibit the symptoms. Clueless, it tags along with them like their favorite pet every time. They amazingly could not put their fingers on it or perhaps, intentionally refusing to accept. The sad part of the story are the consequences their decisions will make, omissions they will soon regret. Continue reading

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